MXGP Honda team JWR have announced the re signing of russian rider Seva Brylayakov for the 2022 MXGP Race season.

Announcing the signing via there social media, team JWR said:

“We’re extremely happy and excited to be able to extend our contract for another year with the Russian Bear, @vsevabrylyakov. Seva has been grinding to make gains for years to come, and is a sure challenger heading to 2022 with the brand new Honda.”


“It’s a good feeling to be sorted for 2022 and start my prep as early as possible, instead of waiting for a chance as I had to do before.” said Seva.

“And for sure it’s a good thing to stay with the JWR Racing team, as we have a very nice group of people and great friendship inside. I know what to expect and what I’ll be working with next year. I also absolutely love how the new Honda CR450F works, especially with handling around the track. So I’m quite excited for 2022 and everything it will bring. I feel like we are all going to put 100% into the next season!”

Johan Westermark, JWR Honda Team Manager

“We are very satisfied and happy to sign Seva again. We like him and he is a good fit for this team and from the beginning we were confident that his results would get better and better. We would like to get in the top 10:s next season, not just with Brylyakov, but with our other riders too, and I think we have a good chance to get those results now.”

Patrik Erlandsson, JWR Honda Team Coordinator

“We are of course very pleased to sign Seva. First of all, we have seen in the races he has done so far, that he’s really a fighter and gives everything he has. He’s also very eager to learn and we will support him in every way we can so he can succeed in 2022. This is the third year on the team for Seva, so he is part of the family now, and we would like him to break in the top 10 this year. We have developed the bike more over winter to make it even more competitive for Seva, and we’re now fully prepared for 2022.