Honda 114 Motorsports rider Ruben Fernandez showed speed and aggression this weekend at Matterley Basin, grabbing a third overall at round two of the MXGP Championships.

Fernandez talked DBR through ‘that’ pass on Mathys Boisrame and also how it feels taking the MX2 championhship red plate.

“I got the red plate which is awesome,’ said Fernandez. ‘I never thought I would be able to get it! It just happened, so this is unbelievable. The day started well with pole position, my first pole position ever in the MX2 class.


‘I made my races very difficult with two bad starts, in the first moto I put the last corner pass Boisrame, and I still felt the pressure from Mattia behind.

“I knew I had to push so I caught up to Mathys, and made the last corner pass which was good. Second moto was difficult I had a bad start again, I then made a mistake on the first lap so I got passed by a few riders.

“So I made my way as far through to the front as possible, I got a sixth in the second moto which is not bad but I was expecting more.”

“It was tough this weekend, well today as the track they didnt rip it as much as they were expecting a lot of rain, so it made it difficult to make passes when you come up from from behind. I think it made a big difference with the riders.

“Another podium and the red plate, it’s so awesome, I’m going to keep on working for the next round. I just want to go race by race as it’s a long championship so if I can keep the plate that awesome, but it doesn’t mean anything at all for the moment so I just want to focus on every lap in front.”