Krosteam Lunardi racings Davide Debortoli claimed the 2021 EMX Open title in Afyon, Turkey at the final round of the championship series.

With only twelve riders lined up for today’s racing in Turkey, it was Debortoli who stormed out the gate for the first EMX Open moto of the day in Afyon, as SR Motoblouz Honda rider Nicolas Decourt followed shortly behind with MCR Racing team Husqvarna Simone Croci heading into the opening lap.

Mid moto Debortoli had a huge crash, which knocked him down into third position, which allowed Polish KTM rider Tomasz Wysocki to fly through and claim second place, ahead of championship leader Debortoli, which meant Nicolas Decourt won his first ever EMX Open race, as Davide Debortoli claimed the EMX Open Championship title for the 2021 race season.


Moving onto the second moto, it was Croci who grabbed the holeshot ahead of Decourt and Debortoli, with second place position separated by eleven points between them the race was still wide open, despite the championship winner being crowned in the first race of the day.

Debortoli finished his season off with a second moto race win, This then gave Nicolas Decourt his first EMX Open overall result to finish his season off with a bang in Turkey.

You can see all the highlights from the EMX Open class from today below: