Rockstar Husqvarna’s Arminas Jasikonis is still unsure of when he will be able to return to MXGP action but is continuing to make progress with his recovery.

Jasikonis is set for his third year with the team and has jsut returned to on-bike training after a 2020 crash which saw him suffer a traumatic brain injury.

“My recovery from my accident has been going really well. Since my crash I had to start from zero and rebuild my physical conditioning, so it has been a long road, but I am getting stronger and fitter and I am really happy with my progress,” said Jasikonis.


“I’ve recently returned to riding which has been great and I will continue to take things step-by-step. There is not a specific date for when I will return to racing at the moment.

“Until I am at the stage where I am able to push for 30 minutes plus two laps in tough conditions during practice then it will not make sense to race.

“For MXGP you need to be 100 per cent , which is something that I am working towards every day. I’d like to thank my team for the support that they have given me throughout my recovery, they have been amazing to me.”

Having undergone a period of intensive rehabilitation, the 23-year-old recently began riding his FC 450 with the aim of returning to full fitness in readiness for round one of the 2021 season.