Chad Reed has hit out at the Australian motorcycle federation, questioned the team manager’s decision, provided further insight into his plan to compete for Team Australia at RedBud, and appears a little frustrated with the industry coverage of his initial statement.

Yesterday in our story we tried to focus on his immense pride in representing the green and gold of Team Australia over the years, but we also mentioned the disappointment felt.

Although in his latest statement – which you can read in full below – he once again talks about pride, he also touches on how motivated he was for one last go at the Motocross of Nations especially as it was on the soil of his adopted homeland.


He freely admits he has no recent moto results to speak of but feels that if the Aussie federation wanted the fastest riders at RedBud then they had got it wrong.

Here’s what Reed had to say:

“I’d like to add some info to my MXoN post yesterday after seeing some industry posts,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I refused comment to all media.

“Creating that post made me smile with all those MXoN pictures. The memories instantly made me feel extremely proud.

“The MXoN is always marked on my calendar (19yrs now).

“The race being in the USA I immediately wanted to race!

“Representing Australia one last time in the USA where I have built my dream for the past 17 years seemed like an epic way to finish it off.

“Time was on my side to put in the effort required. I didn’t ask to be on the team because of current MX results – I asked for that special moment and I personally feel I’ve earned that chance.

“If @motorcyclingaustralia [Australian motorcycle federation] is focused on a winning team why would they put the second round of The Aussie SX championship on the same date.

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“Questioning my current form and my lack of MX racing? I understand. But the conversation behind closed doors was that I would be putting in that effort. I’m not up for embarrassing myself or the team. I didn’t forget how to ride a motorcycle. But you have to be fit to get after it.

“Though 2018 SX was the most difficult and unsuccessful racing of my career – I’ve been working hard to get myself back in shape after my injury. I am so motivated to get there and I will continue that.

“It’s my opinion that there is no current Australian outside of Dean Ferris that could beat me with the effort I am putting in.

“I question @byrner26 [Michael Byrne] decision. But with that said I have accepted it, shifted my focus and I am happy to pass the torch. It has been a pleasure.


“I’ll keep focusing on Project 2019.”