The 2020-2021 FIM Awards recognised the success of MXGP’s legendary star Antonio Cairoli as the 9-time World Champion was awarded a Special Prize to celebrate his incredible achievements during his 18-year career.

Cairoli attended the awards gala with his wife Jill to celebrate the night of motorcycling champions at the Sporting Monte-Carlo and was among the winners of the night. FIM President Jorge Viegas, together with S.A.S. Albert II, Prince of Monaco invited Cairoli to the stage sharing some words on his exciting career.

A special clip was played which showcased the highlights of the Italian’s career, including his 9 World Championship celebrations in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017.


FIM President Jorge Viegas: “We have a special champion; 9 times world champion. And apart from being world champion, he is an extraordinary person”.

Antonio Cairoli: “Thank you very much for the invite this year. Unfortunately, this year I am not World Champion, normally we come here for another reason, but I am really happy to be here with all these champions and I’d also like to Congratulate Giuseppe Luongo on his amazing journey, I am happy to be part of the MXGP family and the FIM also”.

Cairoli received a standing ovation from the attendees of the ceremony, which was a special moment of the evening and the perfect occasion to show appreciation for his achievements and contribution to the sport.

Once again, Infront Moto Racing would like to congratulate Tony on his impressive career and thank him for all his contributions to motocross over the last two decades.