It’s been a hard start to the season for the Irishman Martin Barr, suffering two big offs and a DNF at the second round of the Revo MXGB championship at Lyng.

With not having much time to prepare for the season on board his Kawasaki KX450, Barr struggled in Sunday’s first race, suffering a DNF due to a tyre issue, then two huge crashes in the second moto which caused the damage to his foot, stalling the rest of the season for Martin.

“Not the start of the season I was after, another tough day at Lyng for round two of the Revo ACU British MX,” said Barr.


“Race one crash first lap, got going again then a rock hit the clutch master cylinder and damaged the piston resulting in the clutch sticking on and causing a DNF. Race two another crash first lap after colliding with another rider, got going again and had a big crash and flat front tyre put an end to the day.

“It was a long drive home on Sunday night and after a visit to the hospital yesterday for X-rays and a CT scan I’ve broken my foot which I’m totally gutted about. I’ll hopefully have more news soon on the injury to make a plan! Big thanks to everyone in my corner,it’s only a bump in the road and I’ll be back very soon.”