Round nine of the Monster Energy Supercross championship has landed this weekend in Daytona, and we’ve recruited multiple round Supercross racer Steven ‘Scuba’ Clarke to bring you post-qualifying track analysis.

“Cross the finish line for a hot lap, followed by a few tight s turns in the first section, going single double over the first obstacle,” explained Clarke. “Hit the triple after that, then the wave section, you want to keep it light through there.”

“Tight left into a rhythm section which will be a triple onto a table top, step off, single out then into the whoops section. In Daytona you always want to keep the front wheel light in the whoops with it being mega sandy, then we jump across the start straight, few singles into a wall spine. Those can be annoying as you have to use all your braking so you lose a lot of momentum.


“Through the tunnel, left hander, then onto the really beachy sand section, it was never one of my favourites as it’s so hard to set your suspension up for that as well as a supercross setting at the same time. Couple of 180’s to jump back over the tunnel, into the next rhythm section where I would go triple, triple on the 250.

“Next turn left, after that I would go triple, triple, triple which takes us into a full lap of Daytona.”

Check out an on board lap with Ricky Carmichael below: