Not much has changed at the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team in 2021.

Scotsman Dean Wilson finally has a factory ride guaranteed since well before the season began and if he can stay healthy he has the talent to contend for wins and podiums.

Wilson will be training with Aldon Baker at the Bakers Factory for the first time in his career, while his team-mate and 2018 450SX champ Jason Anderson actually left the Baker programme last April. And then there’s Zach Osborne. Simply put, Osborne has redefined what’s possible at what age in motocross racing. At 31 he won his first-ever 450cc championship – the 2020 outdoor title – and he’s already won on a 450 in supercross as well.


The team also retains RJ Hampshire and Jalek Swoll from its 2020 250cc programme and has added young Stilez Robertson.


#15 Dean Wilson (450)

Dean Wilson

#16 Zach Osborne (450)

Zach Osborne

#21 Jason Anderson (450)

Jason Anderson

#24 RJ Hampshire (250)

RJ Hampshire

#112 Thomas Covington (250)

Thomas Covington

#67 Stilez Robertson (250)

Stilez Robertson