Following the MXGP of Brazil qualifying race Press Conference on Saturday March 29 in Beto Carrero, Brazil, Youthstream, the FIM and representatives of both the State of Goias and the Motorcycling Federation of Goias, took the opportunity to present the ideas and thought process behind Brazil’s second round of MXGP which is set to take place in Goias on the weekend of September 7.

MXGP of Brazil organizer, President of Romaganolli Promacoes e Eventos Mr. Carlos Romagnolli opened the presentation by saying: “We are very happy to introduce one more round of the FIM Motocross World Championship in Brazil. This time it will be in the Brazilian State of Goias and the reason of this choice is a result of the great relationship between the Goias Motorcycling Federation and the State of Goias Government. The city has great facilities and is one of the most populated states in Brazil with a population of more than 1,000,000 people in the state alone.”

Youthstream CEO Daniele Rizzi shared his thanks: “First of all I would like to thank the authorities that are present here today. It is exciting to see that our championship is growing, and that governments are now beginning to get involved. This is the direction we are going, the direction we want to be going and with the increase in broadcasting and awareness year after year, we have some very good signs of our development. We look forward to having MXGP in Goias and I would like to wish the organisers and supporters all the best with the preparation.”


FIM/CMS Director Dr. Wolfgang Srb backed up the speech of Mr. Rizzi adding: “It takes a lot to make an MXGP event great, it requires professional partnerships that share the same vision as us at the FIM and Youthstream.

“Thankfully we, or more so Youthstream, have a great relationship with Carlos Romagnolli from Romaganolli Promacoes e Eventos, and now we have the support of the State Goias for the second round of MXGP in Brazil.

“Brazil is the biggest country in South America with a population of more than 200 million people, so having two rounds of MXGP in Brazil gives us a great opportunity to show the world what is possible, and I am sure we will.

“At the MXGP of State of Goias we will see the best riders in the world racing on what will probably be one of the best circuits in the world and we are really looking forward to it.”

Concluding the press conference, speeches were made by State of Goias representative Danilo Gomes, the city of Trinidade representative Fabricio Reis and President of the Goias Motorcyling Federation Roberto Boettcher.

The state of Goias is the most central as well as the most populated state in Brazil with approximately six million inhabitants. The state is one of Brazil’s largest agricultural industries most popular for its cattle farming and soybean, rice and sugarcane production. The state has a very tropical climate, which results in pleasant daytime temperatures, even in the winter months.

Photo from left to right: Mr Boettcher, Mr Gomes, Dr Srb, Mr Romagnolli, Mr Rizzi, Mr Reis.