After a follow-up scan for his neck injury Ken De Dycker’s absence from racing was confirmed for at least another three weeks. As a result Shaun Simpson again will be the only LS Honda Racing representative for the penultimate round of the MX1 world championship this weekend in Gaildorf, Germany.

Simpson, who leads the Belgian MX championship, made a strong impression in his home GP two weeks ago when he claimed the holeshot in the second moto and ran second until the moto was restarted. The fast, hard pack Gaildorf track is 1.554 metres long and in spite of its six-year absence ‘Auf der Wacht’is a traditional fixture on the GP calendar. With grassy surroundings and flowing elevation changes this natural circuit has provided great racing in the past and will be a fresh adventure for many riders and even teams this weekend.

While Gaildorf first hosted GP racing in 1976 and featured continuously from the introduction of the single-venue format in 2001 until 2005 this will be LS Honda Racing’s first visit to Gaildorf!


“I only rode once in Gaildorf,” says Shaun. “That was in 2005 and it was really wet. Actually I have no idea how the track is like when it’s dry. I’ve just seen some images and have heard from other people. In terms of style it’s not my preferred type of track. I had quite an okay day in Orp-le-Grand for the Belgian championship weekend but my results suffered from the flu I had in the week before. Everything should be fine now and I’m feeling fresh and ready to go!”