WMX championship hits the headlines in New Zealand as it gets close to the opening race in Qatar on February 27.

Courtney Duncan from Dunedin, a city at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand, was interviewed for the local news channel. Duncan tells Channel 39 that she’s only been back on the bike three months following an ACL injury, but she feels prepared and ready for the challenge.

Like many of the athletes heading to Qatar at the end of the month, the 19-year-old Yamaha pilot is concerned about the high temperatures she’ll face at round one of the Women’s World Motocross Championship, “I think it’s their winter but still around mid-30s so it’s gonna be hot, but I’ve been up in Nelson [top of the South Island] and it’s been kinda early 30s up there and been nice and hot. So it’ll be tough but it is a night race so the temperature should be a wee bit better.”