The new race season is almost upon us which no doubt means you’ll be rushing about making those all-important last-minute emergency purchases of kit, safety gear and bike bits either because you want something trick and new or the kids somehow lost them over the Christmas period.

When I was a nipper I once lost a pair of my dad’s goggles along with a Stadium Project 9 helmet after I left them on the wrong car after using them in an all-important Boxing Day Scramble tricycle race up at High Edge Raceway. Fortunately, they found their way home somehow and I got away with it…

Anyhoo, regardless of whether you need new goggles or maybe just want some brand-new spankers because they’re badass we’ve hooked up with Mr Wright and his missus Fran at 2WDistribution – the UK importers and distributors of EKS Brand and Beer goggles as well as a stack more frickin’ awesome brands like Fasthouse, FXR, WEBIG and N-Style – to offer each and every reader of Dirt Bike Rider the opportunity to win an amazing goggle prize package worth over £200. The prizes include…

  • A pair of top o’ the line EKS-S Viking mirror lens goggles in yellow/blue
  • One pair of GOX Flat Out mirror lens goggles in stealth grey and gold
  • A pair of Flat Out clear lens goggles in black n’ red
  • And a pair of Ronnie Mac’s Beer goggles
  • Plus some spare lenses and enough tear-offs to keep your vision perfectly clear until 2020…

To be in with a chance of winning this exceptionally el grande goggle package all we need you to do is answer an oh-so-simple question by filling in the e-form and hit transmit all before our cut-off point of midnight on March 10.

Good luck y’all!

Competition closed

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