On Saturday night in Anaheim during the opening round of the 2016 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship, Autotrader/Monster/Yamaha’s Weston Peick was involved in some on-track incidents that led to Peick laying a barrage of punches on Vince Friese (see the video below).

While the video has been popular – now blocked in the UK (thanks Speed!) – with viewing figures at nearly half-a-million, the incident perhaps hasn’t been good for the sport (does that explain why Speed has blocked the video?).

Peick has now issued an apology to his friends, fans and sponsors.


In the statement he says that he needed time to take in his actions and while he is grateful for the support given to him, he feels it is important to apologise.

You can read the full Weston Peick statement below:

To My Friends, Fans and Sponsors,

While I have had some time to absorb my actions of this past Saturday night I felt it was important to apologize for the way I handled myself in the heat of battle. I must admit, I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received, but we know the race track is meant for just that, a place to race our motorcycles.

I can’t ever remember a year where the depth of the racing field has been so strong. I’m looking forward to getting back to round three and racing the way I know how and representing my Sponsors and Fans to the very best of my ability.

See you in Anaheim.

– End

There’s been a big show of support on Peick’s Facebook page, here’s just two of over 200 comments on his post:

Mike Hoffman said: “Way to stand your ground sir, you have nothing to apologize to me for. Sometimes racing gets spirited and emotional I’m sure you learned something about yourself and that’s important too. Your my new Supercross Hero homes, good luck and go get’em.”

Mhoon Ron said: “Well on one hand I for one am glad you see what you did is not exactly the right way to handle things and was a little shocked to see it happen while watching with my 7 year old. I don’t promote violence. On the other hand, I was full of joy to see you do what you did to Vince Friese. Somebody had to clean his clock. Too bad it had to be you but it had to be done. We’re a huge fan of the Peick. Keep up the hard work.”

This version of the video should play outside the US