The maddest, baddest and quite frankly the raddest motorcycle event of its kind in the UK, the Weston Beach Race takes place this year on October 18-20 at the Somerset resort.

The 37th running of the race is expected to attract around 1,000 competitors for the solo Main Event on October 20 and has been shortlisted for the Sporting Event of the Year in the National Outdoor Events Association awards.

“We are really proud to have the Weston Beach Race shortlisted,” said Gareth Hockey from promoter RHL Activities. “It’s great to see the hard work by everyone who is involved in the race being recognised by the event industry. We continually work to make each event even better and to see that being noticed is fantastic for us.”


The circuit-build has already started and will be overseen by Johnny Groves from Shape and Scape with around 200,000 tons of sand being shifted to form the course.

“It was a challenge last year and we learned a lot,” said Groves. “We changed the layout from previous years to try and create more of a longer lap like we had in historic times but you can’t do one thing without losing a bit somewhere else.

“I think the more experienced riders enjoyed it last year but I think it was a lot harder for some of the others.

For 2019 we are keeping the same layout with the dune section and a motocross section too and there will be the same amount of obstacles but it will have a bit more of a flowy design.

“A big part of the work we do at Weston is to help the condition of the beach to replenish it by moving back the sand for the following holiday season.

There’s a lot that goes into it that people don’t see, in fact flattening the course to some extent is more challenging than building it as we need to ensure all sand levels are correct to allow for the natural movement of the sand for the following year.

“We also do a lot of drainage work as the water table is quite high at Weston. Hopefully, the ideas we have this year will provide a fun and flowy, yet challenging track with the big dunes and difficult parts that the Weston Beach Race is famous for.”

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