Dream Racer has been nominated alongside Brad Pitt narrated Hitting the Apex along with a troop of MotoGP World’s Champs (Lorenzo, Marquez, Rossi, Stoner) setting the chase!

The Match is set for January 29-30, 2016 at The Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon (USA).

The World Champs vs. The Challenger


Goliath vs David

To celebrate this great news, they are showing a free 30 minutes preview of Dream Racer and you have until the morning of Monday December 21 to watch it.

There is some jumping through hoops to view it. You’ll need to enter your email address for a subscription to Dream Racer a couple of times, which is a little clunky. But it did work for us.

Dream Racer is the only film in the entire history (since 1979) of the famous and most gruelling race on earth, the Dakar Rally, to have won any awards.

The film has received seven Nominations and has won five Awards Worldwide – Los Angeles, Barcelona, New Delhi, Milan, and New York for Beast Feature Film.

If you like what you see, and I did, you can watch the full 93 minutes of Dream Racer on DVD, Blu-Ray or rent it via video-on-demand.