Legendary Irish Motocross racer Gordon Crockard has been confirmed for the August Foxhills event, with rumors he could be riding his CAS 250 Honda.

VMXDN Foxhill moto park can confirm another legendary team will be joining them for their 2022 meeting, Gordon Crockard, who is riding for and managing team Ireland has said the team will be running numbers 1, 2, and 3 after winning the 2021 VMXDN event.

The team is yet to be released but Crockard has said ‘It will be an incredibly proud moment for Team Ireland to have the No1 plate for the new event at Foxhill moto park.’ With the new age categories could we see Gordy race his championship winning CAS 250 Honda? It’s set to be a weekend of pure 90’s and 00’s racing from all across the globe.


Tickets are available to purchase here – https://vxmdnfoxhill.eventbrite.co.uk