Vurbmoto are running a ‘Meta Edit Contest’ – essentially an opportunity for you to showcase your moto video editing skills. We’ll be showing a select few of the entries here on DBR and this is Toofast’s entry…

Toofast says about their comp entry for the Meta – Alias edit contest: “There is no doubt that motocross is sport that sucks you in and takes over your life. If you’re lucky enough to ride you’ll understand.

Sometimes in life you have to be different to stand out… and this is one of those times. With two riders with the skills and talent of Jordon Smith and RJ Hampshire, the bad-ass riding and sound track of the bikes is all you need to create the ultimate video edit.”


You just download some extremely cool footage of top amateur prospects, RJ Hampshire and Jordon Smith and then edit into your vision of an awesome moto video.

If you think you’ve got the chops to produce something sweet yourself then head over to to learn more.