We all know freestyle motocrossers are gods when it comes to dirt bikes, right?

They put their lives on the line every time they hit that ramp. But they do all they can to avoid anything nasty happening…

…they’ll make sure their bike is on point.


And they’ll also spend 100s of hours practicing just one trick:

Every FMX rider works at it until they think they’ve nailled it to perfection…

They also have two things in common:

They have nerves of steel and a calmness under pressure.

And those enviable traits are what saved Travis Cady when a trick didn’t go exactly to plan at the Duluth Amsoil Arena in Minnesota, USA…

All was going well until the lights went out and the arena was plunged into complete darkness, all while Cady was in mid-air and mid-trick.

You may be wondering:

How can the arena flick off the lights at such an inappropriate time?

Apparently there had been a misunderstanding with the production crew and he did one more jump than they were expecting.

Which meant the arena went dark just at the wrong time.

Thankfully, the trick wasn’t completely dependent on spotting the landing and the freestyle motocrosser used his experience to ride away safe…

…check out the onboard footage to watch Travis Cady nail the FMX trick in the dark:

Video credit: ViralHog

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