This weekend Dirt Bike Rider is heading to Weston-super-Mare’s beach to watch and report on astonishing amount of motocross action. With over 30 races over the two days of the 2015 Pro Nationals Festival there’s more than enough dirt action (or more accurately, sand action) for even the most voracious motocross fan.

How does the 2015 Pro Nationals Festival get through so much moto without it being mayhem? Well sculpting two awesome tracks out of some of the best Somerset sand certainly helps – click on the image above to get a closer look. 

And this year the tracks will be closer than ever before. You can see from the map that the epic start straight will form the start line for both tracks, meaning that there is going to be non-stop action from this part of the track throughout the whole (May 30-31) weekend! In fact, if you take a look at the schedule below, you’ll see that it will be race after race…the start gates will be busy!