Lyng was the venue for the second round of this year’s Maxxis British Motocross championship and is historically known as a fast, flowing, ‘old school’ circuit which is sandy under foot. And with only a few tweaks to the layout, 2015 remained mostly unchanged.

Always immaculately prepared, the only negative vibe to come from past trips to the venue is the slow 100 or so mile cross-country trek from the A1 carriageway deep into the depths of Norfolk.

A track that has always been relatively kind to me in the past, the day started off bittersweet. During a fast lap in practice prior to qualifying a rogue rock from the rear wheel of a rivals bike took out a couple of knuckles on my left hand. After a lengthy pit stop to let the pain subside, I managed to put together a solid qualifying lap to earn second place.


After some time in the on site physio tent – Harris & Ross – I was stuck back together for the first race. A mediocre start from the concrete start pad left me buried in the pack after the first couple of high speed corners but a few ass-puckering passes on the opening laps put me into sixth position which is all the progression I could manage in what was a frustrating race feeling stuck behind other riders.

Race two started much better and I slotted into fourth place on the opening lap. After holding down that position for half of the race, I made my only mistake of the moto by overshooting a berm and conceded a position. I fought to take the position back until the end of the race but came up short and ended the 20 minutes + two laps in fifth place.

The final moto of the day started with another top five position and after a race long battle for fourth such is the way the Lyng circuit forms passing is difficult and therefore I ended the race again in fifth to give me fifth place overall for the day at round two.

Overall it was a frustrating day. Obviously I could have definitely done without the hit to the hand early doors, which was difficult to deal with all day and I had to change my grip on the bar and gave myself blisters too for a double whammy on my left hand.

It was super hard to pass because every turn has only one large berm in each so with Watson and I being so close in speed today it was difficult to make any moves. Still, fifth overall and fourth in the championship is a damn sight better than where I have been at this point in the championship the last few years.

Lee Perfect started off his Maxxis British MXY2 season in a very turbulent manor. With a goal prior to the event of starting his season somewhere inside of the top 15 as he still finds his feet in his first season on the KX250f, Lee showed great speed each time out on track which could have easily seen him achieve his goals but over exuberance and crashes kept him from fulfilling his potential at round one.

While running inside of the top 20 of race one, Lee crashed twice en route to picking up a frustrating 31st but was set to make amends in his second attempt by holding down a solid and hard fought 17th before throwing away all of his good work on the last lap resulting in a 28th place finish.

Wanting to end on a high note, race three was going in the right direction as he circulated with his position goal in sight but it wasn’t to wee Perfect’s day and he DNF’d the moto with only a couple of laps remaining.