Tony Cairoli wrapped up an astonishing eighth world motocross title in Brazil at the weekend. But compared to some of his championship battles of the past, this season wasn’t a walkover for the popular Red Bull athlete. 2014 will go down as one of the toughest seasons of his career as he battled illness and suffered family bereavement.

On its own that’s enough to deal with but when you’re the defending champion you’re under pressure to ride perfectly in every race, so how do you stay ahead of the competition? Connected Rider uses cutting edge technology to go deeper than ever before and reveal what sets Tony Cairoli apart from other MXGP riders.

On a cold January day, Red Bull was there when Cairoli took to his KTM 350 SX-F and started training. They wanted to get closer than ever before to find out the secrets of Cairoli’s unique riding style.


Experienced engineers took riding data from nine inertial sensors and converted this info via a complex algorithm, to show altitude, hop length, G force, tilting, whip, scrub, acceleration and speed in real time. Making Tony Cairoli the Connected Rider.

This information has been crammed onto a dashboard that helps answer those questions about the riding style of a motocross legend. So checkout this awesome Tony Cairoli video, oh, and one last thing – you’ll probably notice an awesome music track. Don’t even try to look for it. It’s a special and dedicated one. Whose? The master, Salmo Feat. Bazelbass. Enjoy!