Red Bull KTM’s Tony Cairoli talked about new prototype parts for his factory 450SX-F and the role the technical advancement played in his Pole Position and double moto victory at Teutschenthal last weekend.

The two wins allowed the Sicilian to toast his first Grand Prix win in almost a year – the 30-year-old conquered the 2015 British Grand Prix on May 24.

His success at the German round last Sunday was his third with the 450, since he switched from the multi title winning 350SX-F after the first rounds of the ’15 campaign.


Two fast starts were key to Cairoli’s success at Teutschenthal with the Sicilian also crediting the rough and rutted terrain as being easier on the nerve damage he is still trying to improve in his shoulder – a problem courtesy of his pre-season crash.

Speaking of the technical work by Claudio de Carli and his crew Cairoli, who ended his longest dry run since 2003, said: “My starts are going so good and we made some changes on the bike this week with some new parts coming from Austria and the bike is amazing. We have improved so much. I would not say it is the most perfect bike I have had…but almost.”

When pushed he commented: “I cannot say really what we were testing because it is new stuff for a new bike. We made improvements during the week engine-wise and also with the suspension.”

It is believed that Cairoli benefited from a revised chassis for the 450SX-F that could be pre-production and also some revised engine modifications that helped #222 get out of the German gate. Aside from the motorcycle the former champion also said he is trying to gain more physical strength and control. “It is difficult when they pass you and you don’t have the power to respond; this is not the 250 class, the bike is strong and heavy and you can ‘fly’ very high if you are not fit and consistent,” he said. “Inside you know you can do better…but not yet. I think I can be a bit better every weekend.”