British MX2 championship contender Tom Grimshaw is gearing up for a season of domestic and European racing next year and with COVID-driven uncertainty surrounding the sport in 2021 he’s in the enviable position of retaining his ride on the Tim Chambers Racing Husqvarna team.

The team line-up hasn’t been finalised yet but with both Jake Millward and Jay Hague moving on it looks as though Tom will be part of a more streamlined squad.

The 19-year-old from Hertfordshire – who finished fifth for the second year in a row in the Pro MX2 class of the MX Nationals – is aiming to continue to build on his Euro experience in 2021.


“Up until the last round of the MX Nationals I was going for third in the championship but I had a DNF at FatCat which ruined in,” said Tom. “Up to that point I was actually looking pretty good. The goal every year is to improve – I don’t want to stay where I am – so definitely for next year I’m going to be pushing hopefully towards podium places and maybe even get some wins.

“It’s going to be very tough but I genuinely believe that that’s where I’ve got to be looking. I’m looking to take that next step so I’ve got to be pushing for podiums and, at my good tracks, the top spot.

“The MX Nationals will actually take a back seat for us next year. Obviously, there’s the British championship so we have to see how that goes but I’ll be doing the EMX250 class and we’re even talking about doing some EMXOpen class races. Anything to be in a GP paddock really because we just love it.”

While his 2021 ride is assured, Tom’s pre-season training schedule is up in the air.

“We always try to get to Spain but at the moment we just don’t know what’s possible. I don’t think I’ll be jumping on a bike until the New Year because it’s all starting a little bit later next year. I’ll get my head down and will be ready. If it was a normal season we would have had our break by now but because we only stopped racing about four weeks ago I need a bit more rest.”

Away from the track, Tom makes a living as a self-employed personal trainer.

“It’s taken over my life during the week and then I race on the weekends. I didn’t want to be constantly thinking about racing so I wanted to do something in the week that would take my mind of it and also support me a little bit so I could have some money to go out and run my car.

“I didn’t like the idea of going to work with my dad and sweeping floors and being the tea-maker. I can work the job around my racing and the clients that I have really enjoy hearing about what I’ve been doing at the weekend so it’s working out well.”