24MX Lucas Oil Honda rider Matiss Karro continued to demonstrate great speed as the popular Latvian recorded 3-4 finishes in the first two motos at Lacapelle-Marival International in France.

On a difficult weekend for the team with the news of Ken de Dycker’s injury, Matiss started his day in fine form.

Matiss posted the fourth best time (third in MX1) during the morning’s qualifying session. In the first moto he had a great start exiting the first left in second position. Eventually the 24MX Lucas Oil Honda rider would finish second in the MX1 class, third overall.


At the start of Moto 2 Matiss was once again in second place. Suffering arm pump he kept up a good pace but found it hard to push as he wanted to. He repeated his second place in the 450 class, crossing the line fourth overall.

In the final race of the day it was ‘The Arrow’ who claimed the holeshot aboard his CRF450R. But after a small spill on the second lap Karro decided to pull out in order to avoid risks for the first MXGP this weekend in Qatar.

“Not a bad day at all, my speed was quite good,” said a pleased Matiss. “I rode a bit to tense and suffered painful arms but my starts were always on point and the track was nice to ride so the club did a good job!

“In the final race I made a small mistake and lost a lot of positions as I was in third. With the sun being really low and visibility getting worse I didn’t want to take any chances. The next stop is Losail, where the real work begins.”

Moto 1 1. Valentin Teillet, 2. Benoit Paturel, 3. Matiss Karro (24MX Lucas Oil Honda), 4. Shaun Simpson, 5. Davide Guarneri, 6. Steven Lenoir, 7. Petar Petrov, 8. Aleksandr Tonkov, 9. Brent Van Doninck, 10. Harri Kullas, 11. Kevin Fors, 12. Xavier Boog, 13. Yentel Martens, 14. Nicolas Dercourt, 15. Boris Maillard, 16. Hunter Lawrence, 17. Lewis Gregory, 18. Liam Knight, 19. Nicolas Barcelo, 20. Erik Willems

Moto 2 1. Benoit Paturel, 2. Valentin Teillet, 3. Petar Petrov, 4. Matiss Karro (24MX Lucas Oil Honda), 5. Steven Lenoir, 6. Dylan Ferrandis, 7. Xavier Boog, 8. Aleksandr Tonkov, 9. Harri Kullas, 10. Sébastien Pourcel, 11. Shaun Simpson, 12. Hunter Lawrence, 13. Boris Maillard, 14. Jeremy Delincé, 15. Nicolas Dercourt, 16. David Herbreteau, 17. Henri Guiraud, 18. Liam Knight, 19. Anthony Bourbon, 20. Nicolas Barcelo

Moto 3 1. Benoit Paturel, 2. Shaun Simpson, 3. Xavier Boog, 4. Steven Lenoir, 5. Valentin Teillet, 6. Dylan Ferrandis, 7. Aleksandr Tonkov, 8. Harri Kullas, 9. Hunter Lawrence, 10. Yentel Martens, 11. Nicolas Dercourt, 12. Sébastien Pourcel, 13. Liam Knight, 14. Jordan Divall, 15. Henri Guiraud, 16. Anthony Bourbon, 17. Erik Willems, 18. Nicolas Barcelo, 19. Bryan Boulard, 20. Morgan Jacquelin DNF Matiss Karro (24MX Lucas Oil Honda)

Overall classification MX1 1. Valentin Teillet, 2. Steven Lenoir, 3. Shaun Simpson, 4. Xavier Boog, 5. Harri Kullas, 6. Matiss Karro (24MX Lucas Oil Honda), 7. Erik Willems, 8. Sébastien Pourcel, 9. Yentel Martens, 10. Boris Maillard