Team Green Kawasaki are pleased to announce the support of one of the coolest brands out there – Stolen BMX Co. The four youth MX racers on the team have all been given special limited edition Stolen BMX’s in matching Team Green Kawasaki colours with their own name and race numbers as part of the design.

With the obvious synergy between MX and BMX (it’s an abbreviation of Bicycle Motocross after all!) more and more motocross racers are using BMX riding as part of their training and with every athlete on the team riding BMX in their spare time it’s a cool sponsor partnership for the team.

Team riders Todd Kellett (16), Billy King (14) Dylan Woodcock (13) and Preston Williams (10) are all pumped to get their hands on their new bikes and have already been ripping up their local parks and trials.


Team Green Kawasaki UK team manager Jeff Perrett is also made up with the support from Stolen BMX saying: “It’s such a cool hook up that just gives the lads an extra lift with their racing. They’re all into their BMX’ing so to have their own custom built team BMX’s is really cool for them. They only picked them up this past weekend and at the race a lot of their mates were saying how cool the bikes looked. It’s great for us as a team to getting some support from a decent brand outside our sport too, so a big thanks to Stolen BMX for that. This just adds to the cool brands we already have on board like Monster Energy and Alias. I’ll leave the BMX’ing to them though because they’ll hand it me if I try to ride with them and just keep giving them pointers with their motocross racing because I can still just about live with them on that!”

Stolen BMX boss Anthony Revell (himself a current world BMX champion) has always had a keen interest in motocross so much so that he’s also Kristain Whatley’s manager, explains why he wanted to get involved: “I know there’s a load of youth motocross riders that are also into BMX so getting behind a youth motocross team seemed an obvious thing to do. Team Green has always been the most high profile youth team in motocross since I started following it and they’ve got some good, talented racers on their team. They’ve got good brands like Monster, Alias and Maxxis on board too so with them behind the team as well we were happy to get involved and give the lads a custom built bike to play around and train on.”

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