Red Bull KTM factory rider Taddy Blazusiak was in a class of his own on Sunday at the Liverpool Arena for the opening GP in the FIM SuperEnduro Championship. Taddy comfortably won all three of the seven-lap Prestige Class finals to have an overall winning aggregate score.

The Polish rider led all the way in his opening final and repeated this performance in the third race of the day. In race two he was fifth at the start, had advanced one place by the second lap, was up to second place in lap three, took the lead in lap six and went on to secure the victory.

It was a great start for Taddy who is looking to take his fifth title in this competition that has now been extended to six rounds. His biggest challenger on the night was David Knight (Sherco), who despite a 2-5-2 result was unable to match the speed and agility of the KTM rider.


KTM Enduro Factory team boss Fabio Farioli said Blazusiak was impressive and fast and in a class of his own. “He had some good fights with David (Knight) but he never really looked like challenging Taddy.” Farioli added that the track had been very tight and had a lot of obstacles in a relatively confined space that made it more difficult for the classic Enduro riders.

KTM’s Jonny Walker wrapped up his night with a 6-8-3 result for overall sixth. After having to fend off arm pump in the two first races he came back strong to challenge Knighter in the final race. Jonny, who has just returned from two events in South America after having won the Camino de la Independencia Enduro in Colombia, was also third in the Hot Lap on Sunday.

Fellow KTM factory rider Ivan Cervantes of Spain struggled with the tight course setting and finished with a 10-12-10 result while US KTM Kyle Redmond finished with 8-4-13. Germany’s Andreas Lettenbichler, who has just switched to KTM was also not comfortable with the tight course configuration and recorded a 15-14-11 result.

Italian junior talent Giacomo Redondi took a 7-2 result on his KTM in the two-race Junior Cup round to be on the podium in third place.

The next round is set for December 15 in Lodz, Poland, where Taddy will ride in front of his army of hometown fans. He now returns to the US EnduroCross competition for the final round of that competition on November 23 where he holds a narrow three points lead in the championship.

Results – Round 1 at Liverpool, UK

Prestige Final 1
1, Taddy Blazusiak
2, David Knight
3, Daniel Gibert-Gatell
4, Cody Webb
5, Alfredo Gomez
Prestige Final 2
1, Blazusiak
2, Gibert-Gatell
3, Gomez
4, Redmond
5, Knight
Prestige Final 3
1, Blazusiak
2, Knight
3, Walker
4, Ljunggren
5, Gomez
Overall Results (combines the three finals)
1, Blazusiak
2, Knight
3, Gibert-Gatell
4, Alfredo Gomez
5, Cody Webb