We track Jane Daniels step-by-step as she heads for SuperEnduro glory in Poland…

Friday 15:00 – Big brother Gary takes Jane to the airport in the big white LT van.



Friday 17:00 – With time to kill Jane tries on some new shades in Liverpool Airport.


Friday 23:00 – After three long hours without WiFi Jane catches up with the world.


Saturday 14:00 – After a lengthy lie-in and brunch, the arena doors open

for track walking


Saturday 15:30 – Jane, Jesper and Jamie wait for signing on to open.


Saturday 16:00 – Jane fits her new ‘full factory’ lowered footpegs.


Saturday 16:00 – Jamie and Simon Molter from Midwest Racing admire

the full factoryness…


Saturday 19:00 – Noise Testing outside in zero degrees.


Saturday 19:20 – Jane finally makes the queue to noise testing.


Saturday 19:40 – Jamie, DK (he’s the one with the massive feet), Jane and

Eddy discuss lines…


Saturday 19:50 – Jamie and Jane re-walk the rock section


Saturday 22:00 – Meal time with the Brit pack


Sunday 09:00 – Jane out looking for lines again


Sunday 10:55 – Politics, politics and more politics. FIM meeting for the women

to discuss whether the rocks should be left in


Sunday 16:00 – Jane dominates the race and takes the win.


Sunday 16:15 – Celebrating on the podium.


Sunday 16:20 – Happy phone call home…


Sunday 16:30 – The world media come sniffing around for an interview


Sunday 19:10 – Waiting at the airport for check in to open.


Monday 00:15 – Stood at Stansted waiting for a bus. Oh the glamour!