Twisted Tea HEP Motorsports Suzuki rider Adam Enticknap has broken his collarbone in heavy crash at Orlando Monster Energy SX this weekend, which caused him to DNF at the Camping World stadium.

“I just rolled out of surgery about 45 minutes ago,” said Enticknap. “Everything went really well, I broke my collarbone in two places, so I got that thing all bolted back up, everything else came back good.

“I had a couple of X-rays on my hip and my shoulder that was hurting me, luckily everything is okay.


“As far as the crash goes, I was on a hot lap and I was behind another guy who made a mistake, and I just tried to get out of the way, then when i went over that quad I leaned a little bit left and tucked the front end.

“Right when I tucked the front I slapped into the face of the next jump, and I knew as soon as I landed something was wrong which was a bummer.”

“I’m going to go back to California tomorrow as my brother is taking care of me, just want to give a shout out to Max Anstie for making the main event.”