Adam Cianciarulo peaked early in tonight’s qualifying session at Indy, shortly followed by Tomac and Roczen battling it out for the remainder with Roczen finishing on top.

Quite a few of the riders were experimenting with taking a huge jump or they just over stretched the quad, resulting in a case for Osborne and Cianciarulo causing themselves to hit their chins on the bars, and Jason anderson causing himself a dislocated finger which meant he had to pull out of the earlier session and not return.

Jett Lawrence also had a spot of bad luck in his final qualifying session this afternoon, seemingly losing control over the whoops section and as a result doing similar damage, But seemed to walk it off with just a busted nose, so we are pretty confident he will be ready for the main later tonight. Meanwhile the ever consistent Colt Nichols, Cleaned up to take that P1 spot for the evening in the 250SX Class.


You can see Jett Lawrence’s scary off in the clip below.