Rockstar Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson is determined to make it back to the level of riding that brought him the Monster Energy Supercross title in 2018 but is well aware it isn’t going to be easy.

Anderson starred on his way to the premier class crown three years ago, but was injured early in his title defense the following season and only mustered fourth last year.

“I feel really good. I had help from my guy that’s helping me out with Darren Stockden. At the practice track I have been riding on my own as far as my motos but we are still at the track with Barcia and the Gas Gas guys,” said Anderson.


“We don’t really do motos together but we are always on the track at the same time and make sure we are riding at the same track and can maybe spy at each other on the track.

“I feel really good. This is my first off-season without Aldon so we will see where we are but I’m enjoying myself and having fun and that usually makes my riding and everything better.”

“I won it 2018 and I haven’t won since but I’m hoping to get to that level and be winning and stuff like that but it’s tough because you have these younger guys coming up and the level just keeps getting gnarlier and gnarlier every year.

“No-one is making it easier on me or the other guys and the competition is deep. Even compared to last year coming into the first round, I feel better, but at the same time there are a lot of guys that are firing on all cylinders so we will see how it goes, but I would definitely like to get back on that level and hopefully be back winning.”