The final night of Supercross racing in Houston was an action-packed affair for our Brit battlers with crashes and controversies leaving a lot of people talking about the British contingent…

Dean Wilson

By now you will know Wilson was caught up in some serious controversy involving race leaders Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb at the conclusion of the 450 Main Event.

Before that though Wilson began the night with a mid-pack start in 450 Heat 2. He made some quick passes to sit just outside the top five early in the race. The Scot maintained his consistent pace to land a safe sixth-place transfer spot.

In the Main Event, he suffered a poor start, finding himself in 17th early on. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider climbed his way through the field to gain five more positions in the first half of the race.

He remained in this mid-pack position for the duration. Wilson finished just shy of the top-10 with 11th for the night. With his sights set on trying bag a top ten result Wilson failed to notice the blue flags being waved and inadvertently got mixed up in the fight for the race lead.


The Scotsmab’s official quote after the Main Event was somewhat subdued, “My night was okay,” Wilson said. “I didn’t get a great start, I really pushed the first corner trying to be up there but everyone is so good at starts. I was outside the top-15 and came back to 11th, which is not really what we want but we’ll keep pushing to be better.”

Wilson was more forthcoming and honest with his fans on Instgram. He was hard on himself and completely owned up to his mistakes.

“First off, I f@cked up. I fully own this. I never knew the leaders were behind me. Kenny, I’m sorry and I sincerely apologise,” said Wilson. “I ruined your race and I wish I could take it back, I know the fans are pissed and the team, which I would be too.

“I hate that I was that guy in the way. I should have been more aware of who was behind me. I just got locked on the guys ahead. You guys can tear me apart in the comments, do what you gotta do but I can’t apologise enough for being the idiot of the race. Sucks to be that guy.”

Wilson seemed genuinely bummed with how things transpired. But this honest and brutal statement is just an example of why we love Wilson. There’s no excuses from him.

Dylan Woodcock  

Dylan Woodcock was riding great on Saturday. He logged his best performance so far in qualifying, with the 12th fastest time overall. The Stunt Flying Kawasaki rider kept that momentum going in his heat race. Woodcock started just outside the top ten but battled forward to pass for ninth – the final automatic transfer place – with two laps to go.

Woodcock kept charging and was looking to make a pass for eighth when disaster struck. The rear end of his Kawasaki KX250 skipped out in the whoops, sending Woodcock on a wild ride. He landed awkwardly at a dead stop. He was taken to hospital for evaluation.

Woodcock provided fans with an update via Instagram this morning, ‘‘Gutted I’m writing this post. My rear end skipped out and I tried to keep it wide open’’ explained Dylan, ‘‘I have had a lot of pain in my back and numbness in my legs and feet. It’s pretty scary right now, but I’m still smiling and taking the positives from it all in the hospital.’’

A big get well soon goes out to Dylan Woodcock.

Muc-Off Honda

It was a much quieter night for the British backed Muc-Off Honda team last night. Mitchell Oldenburg was pretty banged up after qualifying, he grabbed a third place in his heat but was unable to complete the full Main Event, he finished in 20th position.

After his superb podium ride on Tuesday Justin Brayton was looking to continue that momentum on Saturday.  But a mid-pack start in the main made things difficult for him, Justin could only manage to work his way to tenth place by the time the chequers waved. A sign of just how deep this 450 field truly is.