HRC has been running some sort of traction control system on Jett Lawrence’s 250 at the Houston Supercross rounds but only during free practice sessions, it would seem.

Traction control is theoretically banned as the regulations state that speed sensors can’t be run on the front wheel, but there is no mention of the rear.

Front-wheel speed sensors are illegal because that is measured to see how much faster the rear speed is compared to front, so the electronics will slow the rear wheel when it is spinning faster than front.


“The team isn’t running a front wheel-speed sensor as they are banned but maybe have a slip channel in ECU so when rear speed goes at a faster rate than the slip channel (calculated by an algorithm) it could retard the ignition,” said DBR’s technical guru Mark Woodage of MJW Specialists.

“On one of the photos I have seen, you can clearly see the speed sensor but the trigger has been removed. On another there’s electronic mill connector and a trigger on back wheel which with this many teeth can only be traction control.”