Dylan Ferrandis is the third championship-calibre rookie in the past five years to have jumped into the Monster Energy Supercross 450 class on a big blue Yamaha.

Ferrandis, Arron Plessinger and Cooper Webb all won convincing championships for the Star Racing Yamaha team in the 250 class.

However, both Plessinger and Webb struggled to convert that prowess on the 250 machine into race winning speed in the 450 class.


Webb wasn’t able to reach his true potential until he made the switch to Factory KTM in 2019. And despite the odd display of brilliance Plessinger has yet to match the heights of his 250 career on the big bike.

Coming into 2021, Ferrandis was hoping to be the exception to that rule and break the curse of the YZ450F. He may have done that last night in Houston.

In just his second 450 start the two-time 250 champ managed to put his Star Racing Yamaha on the box. Ferrandis fought hard for the entire race and was able to avoid the carnage unfolding before him to secure second position at the flag, which seemed to overwhelm him

I can’t believe I’m here. I’m not supposed to be here. The first round was gnarly to get in the top ten and now to be on the box is just… Wow, I can’t believe it!. For my team to get the bike so good, they did a great job. I’m just so happy. I was thinking on the podium, ‘What am I doing here?’ To be on the podium that soon is crazy.

Dylan Ferrandis

Ferrandis was a joy to watch on Tuesday. He certainly hasn’t lost his signature aggressive style that made him such an exciting 250 rider. He man handled the beastly Yamaha 450 all night long, looking dangerously comfortable on big blue. In both heat race and main event Ferrandis battled with and passed some of the biggest names in the game. How was Ferrandis able to deliver such a performance? Did he and the team make many changes to the motorcycle between races?

“Just small changes. I think there was more pressure in the first round and less at the second round and the track suited me today. I gave it my best and it worked.”