Honda’s Monster Energy Supercross star Ken Roczen has said ditching the 2020 MX season was the right call as he was able to change rest and get his body ready for the new season, which starts on Saturday.

Roczen has been suffering from a variant of the Epstein-Barr virus which left him in bits during last season and he didn’t take part in 2020’s outdoor events in order to get better.

“Yeah, for sure, it was the best decision for me and, essentially, the team,” said Roczen.


“I spent my whole off season in California for a change of pace, and with the new bike coming out, I wanted to be around the team, so they see the progression I was making and the work I’m putting in.

“That’s what we’ve accomplished. I’ve been super-stoked being out here.

“For the first time in a long time I just started enjoying what I’m doing again, had a lot of consistent days. I think taking the time off during the outdoor season was definitely the right call. We’ll go from here. Things can always change in a hurry, but I’m stoked to be where I’m at.”

“We haven’t really tested too much to be honest, I was pretty comfortable right away. I’ve been riding pretty decent on it and keeping it the same, compared to last year when I was chasing it a lot more.

“This bike is a lot more consistent, more so than last year where we were chasing settings based on the dirt. We didn’t really have to put too many hours into testing.”