Gas Gas new boy Justin Barcia goes into this weekend’s Monster Energy Supercross season opener happy with a bike he has deemed ‘predictable’ after riding alongside Husqvarna rival Jason Anderson.

Barcia switched from Yamaha to KTM’s latest brand aquisition and is effectivelty riding the same bike as Anderson and Cooper Webb.

“It’s been super good. I’ve been having a good time, moved out to California everything has been awesome – the team and me are gelling really well. It’s been a smooth off-season,” said Barcia.


“It’s a bit weird, everything has went really well. I’ve adapted to the bike quickly, definitely put in a lot of laps, it does a lot of good things – it’s a really predictable bike, for me I have everything falling in place.

“Jason has been out on the track so I can see good speed – Jason is always fast. Atually, Kenny and Brayton were out on the track and we all rode together, so that was cool. Man, it’s just been fun, I’ve been enjoying it, I’m excited to go racing.”