Round ten of the Monster Energy Supercross Championships gets underway this Saturday night at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Our resident supercross rider Steven Clarke has given us his expert opinion on the track for this weekend’s racing.

“With it being a 90 degree left hand turn on the first corner, I’d say your prime starting position would be just to the left of the box on the start gate,” explained Clarke.


“Hitting the first jump it’s going to be a single, triple over, triple and double into the next left hander turn, depending on the face of the next section it’s going to be triple, triple, or you could double, triple single to the inside.

“Then it’s a step up into the dragon’s back, step on step off, 180 right turn, then into the Supercross triple over the finish line which is strange I haven’t seen that in a long time! Then into a high speed roller, and then we have the option of wall section, if most riders stay to the right it will get worn down quite a bit.

“Across the start straight into a nice left bowl turn, again this will be high speed into a nice double, into a long set of whoops which will be fast with having the jump before them. 180 right turn into a triple, single onto the table top, then step off into a nice tight left turn to finish the lap.”

Check out Yamaha’s virtual track map below: