Red Bull KTM’s Cooper Webb has decided to ditch the WP air shock he has used intermittently this season and will finish out the Monster Supercross calendar on the conventional spring item.

But he hasn’t ruled out a return to the air version which Justin Barcia has stuck with on his GasGas for this season.

“I think right now the plan is to stick with the spring shock. At the end of the year, we were really keen on the air shock, it felt good, but we didn’t have much time with it. December is when I got it and we did some testing, but we’re learning every week,” said Webb, speaking at Arlington.


“I think when I went back to what I ran last year and what I know, it was good. I’m sure we’ll learn more for next year and it will be even better, but for now, for where I’m at and how I’m riding, we’ll stick to the spring and go from there.

“At Houston we were on the air, and then for the last Indy round we went back to the spring. I think different conditions suit one more than the other. I think there’s a lot of great capability with the air, but we need more time.

“We only had one month. When you ride the same track every day, you feel like you’re in a good spot, but then we go racing and the tracks are different.

“The way these races are, racing three days a week without being able to go home and try stuff during the week, I think if we had a normal schedule with riding and testing between races, I think we could be ahead of where I am with the spring shock right now, but at what point do you just go with what you know and stick to it? That’s the decision we made.”