Honda’s Ken Roczen has reverted to base settings used at the start of this year’s Monster Energy Supercross series as he tries to snatch the title from under Cooper Webb’s nose.

Roczen held the red plate in the early part of the year but a winning streak for the Red Bull KTM man has seen the German slip to 15 points behind Webb.

“Cooper has been on it. It’s difficult to make up points when he’s always second or first. Obviously, Arlington was a bit of a rough one for us, especially to start off,” said Roczen.


“I guess the good thing I can hold on to is that by Arlington III I was a lot more like myself again and battling up front. So it was good to lead some laps and get good starts again.

“The good thing is we’ve still got five rounds to go and I’m holding on to that. I left Arlington feeling a lot better than I did in the first round. I’ve also gone back to some base settings that I had on my bike for the beginning of the year.

“I guess that’s how you try, you find something that you want to work on and you go into an off weekend and you try to always improve. Sometimes it doesn’t go the right way, so I had to kind of fall back into my base settings and I was riding a lot better again.

“I am behind, but there’s nothing I can change about it now. So there’s no need for me to pound my head into the ground and think about what I could have and should have done different. You don’t always have to try to reinvent the wheel just because you didn’t win.

“It’s five rounds so every single race is important, especially when you’re in a points deficit. Every time I finish behind Cooper he creeps away and there’s less and less time to make up. So all of the races are important but at the same time, we’re going to come to Atlanta I and just try to put myself in a good position.”