Honda’s 250SX West star Hunter Lawrence has revealed that his body was eating itself last season and that was the reason he was injured so regularly last year.

The youngster wasn’t able to recover properly but trainer Johnny O’Mara did a lot of research and came up with the answer in time for Lawrence to get back into action;

“Just super happy to be fit and healthy and can’t wait to get going. Everyone is eager to go racing, it’s going to be good,” said Lawrence.


“I’m a completely different person. I strongly believe my nutrition and health side of things – my body is dialled in now. Injuries are all taken care of and good. I feel great on the bike, the team has helped out a lot and we have a great motorcycle.

“I can’t wait to get going, just really excited because as I said I just feel all-new kind of. In comparison with Salt Lake, it’s not even the same.

“We dug into it a lot, pretty deep on that after last year as we just felt like there was a lot of things going on that didn’t really make sense.

My trainer Johnny was quizzing me out and stuff and we really dove deep on it and figured out a lot of things with my body. It was pretty messed up, it was basically cannibalising itself and eating away at itself with all the muscles and tissue and stuff so hence any crashes that would happen would result in injury due to that.

Hunter Lawrence

“Any training I’m doing my body is rebuilding itself and building muscle gaining fitness whereas previously it was beating itself up and wouldn’t recover.

“Now, looking back on it, it’s kind of mind blowing how I could even make the motos in outdoors and stuff to how I feel now.”