28/02/2018 Injury Update: Ken Roczen is optimistic about the future and is making progress in his recovery. On Tuesday, February 27, the German visited his local physician for his first follow-up appointment since Dr. Viola performed surgery on February 16. Roczen’s stitches were removed from all five incisions, and another X-ray was taken.

He is still wearing a brace and has another checkup in three weeks. Roczen is optimistic about the future and has his sights set on the start of the AMA Pro Motocross series, which begins at Hangtown on May 19. Christian Craig has now been announced as a stand-in rider at Team Honda HRC.

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17/02/2018 Injury Update: Ken Roczen posted on Instagram some gnarly surgery images. “Doc Viola fixing me up. I m always wondering why I am hurting so bad the next couple days,” he said with tongue-in-cheek.

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There is an update on Ken Roczen’s injury today with news that surgery has been successfully completed.

Roczen came together with Cooper Webb in the Main Event at San Diego Monster Energy Supercross – Roczen’s Honda flipped and his right arm got caught in Webb’s rear wheel.

After the initial evaluation by the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit, it was reported that Roczen had suffered a fracture to the second metacarpal in his right hand.

Since then Roczen had a CT scan on Monday and then surgery on Friday (February 16).

The guys over at Racer X report that the injury is worse than first diagnosed and that Roczen will now be out for 6-8 weeks.

It is reported that the surgery included repair to the torn ligaments, plate and screws to the second metacarpal and some other work. You can read more detail in Racer X’s article here.

UPDATE: Ken Roczen injury – in a lot of pain following surgery (warning: graphic content).

An official public statement from the team has not been given at this time but we’ll update you when any further news comes in.