For the first time James Stewart has spoken on what has led him to such a long period of retreat from the sport. For many Supercross fans, it’s a very much overdue update.

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Stewart has woken up his dormant Instagram account after almost 12 months to announce he’s ready to reveal all and it will have Supercross fans waiting with bated breath for the next instalment of the big reveal.

Breaking the deafening silence the Supercross legend said: “It’s hard to speak when you’re not sure if you believe in what you’re saying.. sometimes decisions in life come within minutes … sometimes they take years. But whatever one you make, make sure it’s the one you believe in no matter what others believe is right for you. The moment has come for me to speak to all of you. Very Sorry it’s taken so long but I had to know for sure it’s the one I believe in…”


His words came with a Seven MX video tease, which you can watch below.

Like just about every other Supercross fan, we can’t wait to hear what he has to say. Watch this space.

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