Is James Stewart ready to rock up in red? The rumour mill reckons he might be…

With Malcolm Stewart now seemingly sorted out with bikes and kit for 2017, attention is now focussed on the other Stewart brother – James. And although nothing is set in stone, more than one MX media outlet is desperately grabbing at straws and speculating where and when James will make a return to racing as well as on what, of course.

The latest rumour to come out of this particular mill is that JS7 is gonna be Honda CRF450R mounted when he finally hits the track in a similar self-financed set-up to what Malcolm is running.


Another rumour that we’ve just totally made up and we’re kicking out there just for sh*ts and giggles is that James will in fact be racing a PW50 in the remaining rounds of the AMA SX series which is of course poppycock due to the AMA’s homologation rules.

But how about Bubba to Factory Honda as a fill-in for Ken Roczen? That’s way more believable right? Although we’ve just totally pulled that one out of thin air n’all that might actually be Honda’s greatest hope of securing another race win until Kenny makes a comeback…

Remember folks, you read it here first!