Indianapolis Supercross hat-trick winner Ken Roczen took a big whack from Justin Barcia on Saturday night and had to ride with a bent shifter.

The pair clashed early doors but Roczen was able to keep his rhythm and go on to take his third victory in a row while Barcia eneded up in 17th after tangling with Vince Friese.

“Indianapolis three was a fantastic night. We started off in practice with a little bit of a struggle – just not really getting along with the track very well,” said Roczen.


“I felt fine out there, but I simply wasn’t fast enough. We went into the night show though, and I knew that I was a better racer and that we were going to get a good result.

“After that we took the heat-race win and were able to get a good gate pick for the main event; sure enough, I got a really good start. Along the way, I came in contact with Justin Barcia, who hit me pretty hard and bent my shifter a bit; I wasn’t able to shift until like half a lap later.

“I held my lines and focused as much as I could and we did the three-peat, taking home another win on a track that wasn’t really my favourite.

“Those kinds of nights are when you get another step closer to a championship run, and it was really important for us to get more points and be gaining instead of losing.

“I’m so happy to finish all three Indianapolis main events in first, as I’ve never gone three in a row. This is huge for me and the team, and I’m looking to continue this streak when we come back next weekend in Orlando.”