Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Cameron McAdoo secured his first ever 250SX main event win at the Daytona International Speedway, and also gaining himself the red plate heading into Arlington next week.

“We had a really good day all day, I felt good and in practice,” explained Mcadoo. “I qualified second, usually qualifying is not my forte, I guess. But I’ve improved on it. I just didn’t get the best start in the main and then I just, you know, focus for it and did my best and it felt great.”

“So to win is is amazing, you know that’s my first win and to win here and Daytona is even cooler and and on top of that we’re going into the third round with the red plate and it’s very motivating. We’re gonna continue to work this weekend and go to Texas with some good momentum.


“Honestly going over the finish line and getting the right up to the wall and doing a burn out that that’s probably one thing that you’ll never forget. And that that feels good! Then getting over the podium and pulling up to the team and everyone that’s done all the work together and like, it was pretty emotional. We really enjoyed it. So yeah, they always say the first one feels good. It really does.”

Mcadoo has had a complete change around since last year’s Daytona Supercross, with his mum actually driving him to the track last year to compete on their own in a van.

“I don’t want to you know, like put this crazy huge rags to riches story together, but that’s kind of how my story went. I’ve had some really good opportunities throughout my career even even starting my pro career going back to you know, riding for the model concept guys, and they believed in me and there’s been so many people along the way who have believed in me, but I think it’s most important at times when I would go into the offseason with no ride, I would just go buy a bike and keep training and I think those are the those are the times that that make this this much sweeter.

“I think it makes it feel this good because those times are tough, but yeah, I feel like I’ve earned my place here and and I’m really excited to be in this position.”

Check out Cameron’s main event win below: