The Atlanta Motor Speedway hosted round fourteen of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross championship tonight, as Justin Cooper claimed back the 250SX main event win.

Speaking at the track about the carnage during the 250SX main event, Justin explained how he regrouped after the red flag to win.

“When you’re winning a race and against a red flag it’s always it’s always hard to regroup and try to do the same thing it’s not often where you can go back to back, like putting yourself in a good position, especially in a main event where all the pressure is.


“I was actually really glad to see that Cameron (Mcadoo) was there, ready to race. You know I just saw the crash I saw on Instagram and I’ve never seen a crash that that gnarly so props them for even being able to get up on his own power.

“I had to just put myself back in the zone and try and calm down, and just re execute what I just did before so that was definitely hard to do, but I was able to put myself in another good position to get up front again.

“I don’t know if they were like waiting on a call, or whatever, but it was a while so I was kind of just wondering what was going on out there. Really like you didn’t want to let the heart rate go down and you know not be ready to raise fear, kind of, I was in a hurry to get back out there sweating but I guess they’re making a call or something so it was just a long time on the gate. But it was good to see that he was there ready to race.”