Monster Star Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis is taking full advantage of the break in this year’s Supercross calendar to heal up from the various crashes he has had in recent weeks.

It hasn’t been a great campaign so far for the Frenchman who has scored points at each round but has also chomped on a fair amount on mud too.

“I think we made a good step in the right direction with the team on the bike. So now I need to work on myself and try to get back in shape,” said Ferrandis.


“The last few weeks, I’ve been up and down with a lot of crashes and some small injuries that I’ve had to deal with, so now I need to heal up and get back to work and try to be more fit for the last five rounds.”

After the third Arlington round, Ferrandis was more upbeat but revealed he was suffering.

“We made some improvements today,” he continued. “The team did a good job on the bike, and they made it a little better for me. I keep learning and keep trying to do better, but today I was honestly really tired all day.

“Physically it was just not a good day. I tried the best I could and finished seventh in the main event. It’s not too bad, but not what I’m looking for.”