Broc Tickle released a statement today that offers further insight into the World Anti-Doping Agency test carried out in February at the San Diego Supercross.

In his statement, which you can read in full below, he revealed that the FIM has been in touch by email to inform him that Sample B allegedly confirms the results from Sample A and that the same person who presided over James Stewart’s case has been appointed to his.

Tickle was provisionally suspended on April 14, 2018, pursuant to Article 7.9 of the FIM Anti-doping Code.


As of yet, we have received no word from the FIM to confirm the latest details provided by Tickle.

Tickle is clearly frustrated with the process and is adamant that he is innocent and that he will fight the allegation, clear his name so that he can continue his career.

He also reached out for help, asking if anyone has information that may be relevant to the case, and if they do to contact his attorney.

Broc Tickle statement:

Today, via e-mail, I was notified by the FIM that testing of my Sample B allegedly confirmed the alleged results of my Sample A test; however, as of today, neither the FIM or the laboratory has provided any supporting evidence for the alleged testing results.

In addition, the FIM informed me that, Article 3.3.1 of the FIM Disciplinary and Arbitration Code, Mr. Anand Sashidharan has been appointed by the Director of the International Commission of Judges (CJI) as single judge to “deal” with case before the International Disciplinary Court (CDI). Mr. Sashidharan is the same person that presided over Mr. James Stewart’s proceedings.

Now that my case has been formally identified with the CDI, perhaps the process will proceed in a professional manner so that I can finally begin to defend myself. Their system presumes my guilt and presumes their supremacy all while hindering, impeding, and delaying an athlete’s ability to discover evidence to argue against both.

As I stated before, I have never, intentionally or negligently, ingested any prohibited substance, and specifically, the alleged substance I allegedly had in my system on February 10, 2018. I have never cheated, doped, or tried to better myself by taking the short way; nor, has anyone around me offered or provided to me any substance that is prohibited by the FIM Anti-Doping Code. I have worked too hard throughout my career to put my career at stake by taking any short cuts.

I will do everything possible to fight this allegation, clear my name, and continue with my career. Should anyone have any information that may be relevant to my case, please contact my attorney, Brian D. Harrison.