Round fifteen of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross took place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, the final of a triple header for the 450SX and 250SX classes with Nate Thrasher claiming a back to back win in Georgia while Cooper Webb bagged the big race victory.


Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha’s Justin Cooper hole shotted heat race one, followed by Garret Marchbanks, and the Rockstar Husqvarna rider Stilez Robinson, this led to a textbook race for Cooper to take the win, with Marchbanks and Robinson following suit.


HRC’s Hunter Lawrence got a great start as he worked his way through the chicane, pulling a decent gap in front of the Troy Lee Designs Gas Gas rider Pierce Brown after a couple of laps. Meanwhile after another huge off in qualifying for Cameron Mcadoo, he made it back out for the heat race and managed to claw back a seventh position, despite being in a lot of pain from this weeks crashes.

Heading into the 250SX Main event in Atlanta, ended up being a replay of tuesday nights red flag restart. Mcadoo and Chris Blouse collided mid air causing the race to be red flagged after half a lap. Cooper grabs the holeshot in the race restart, shortly followed by his team mate Nate Thrasher, as HRC Honda’s Hunter Lawrence tries to make the pass on Mcadoo and went down. Mcadoo then goes down and gets tangled up with his team mate Hammaker, as Pierce Brown collected his bike. Nate Thrasher went on to win the 250SX Main event claiming two wins in a row.


Dylan Ferrandis and Aaron Plessinger shot out in front in the first heat race, with Chase Sexton and tomac charging behind. Sexton moved up into second position and chased down ferrandis, just as he gets caught on a Tuff Block which lets Sexton through to check out for the win. Malcolm Stewart made an unreal move through the whoops passing Plessinger and Tomac in one corner, finishing second.

Red Bull KTM and current championship leader Cooper Webb grabbed a huge holeshot in heat race two, just in front of Joey Savatgy and Jason Anderson, whilst Roczen worked his way through the pack after not getting a great start. Anderson then blitzed past Webb to continue on to take the heat two win in Atlanta, followed by Roczen and Barcia.

Aaron Plessinger grabbed a strong holeshot in the 450 main event just with Ken Roczen behind, as Jason Anderson came together with Ferrandis and went down, Roczen made the pass on plessinger after 2 laps, and started to pull a decent gap away from AP. Justin Barcia made the charge closing down the gap on Cooper Webb, as he passed Plessinger and started to close the space to Roczen. Kenny looks so smooth through the sand section and through the whoops on the HRC machine, until he lost control in the whoops section and went down, but still managed to maintain a decent lead for a few laps until Cooper checked out and won the 450SX main event.