The Atlanta Motor speedway hosted round fifteen of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross championships tonight, as Nate Thrasher pulled through again to win the 250SX LCQ and 250SX Main event.

Speaking in the post race press conference about his performance and how he prepares mentally, Nate explained below.

“I think it’s tough but, I mean you just, you got one thing an advantage you rode the track last thing that’s the only benefit you have. So you just kind of gotta go out there in the first couple of laps, you know the track better than everybody else.”


“So you just gotta put down solid laps in the beginning and main, the main key of the races so far have been the start. So you just got to go execute the start and then they’ll just put us on laps, the main key and doesn’t leave me the good gate pick but I got a little lucky with the gate, being good.”